Inspire Me, Inspire Change: Sisters’ Conference

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Inspire Me, Inspire Change Sisters’ Conference

A day to transform your life

Event date and time

Sat, 09th Dec 2017

10:00 am – 18:00 pm, registration opens at 09:15 am

What is this conference?

An exclusive sisters’ conference which is designed to be more than just a spiritual booster. Rediscover your full potential and identify the challenges in your way as a 21st century Muslim woman and how to overcome them.

Tailored with much thought to be an experience that will not only leave you with high eman but also the drive, insight, confidence and tools for you to leave feeling empowered to make the changes that will help you live a more fulfilling life as a 21st century Muslim woman.

They will be hosting keynote speakers whom are successful in their own respective fields to carry out lectures, workshops and discussions to impart how they have been able to overcome their obstacles as practising individuals and to share lessons from the Qur’an and Sunnah that are sources of strength and motivation for your personal goals and ambitions.

Conference content

Lecture 1: What’s our worth?

Workshop: Prioritising your goals

By Alima Ashfaq

Lecture 2: Growth

Workshop: How to set a target & stay focused?

By Umm Raiyaan

Lecture 3: Inner Strength

Workshop: How not to be depressed & anxious? (Interactive)

By Naima B Robert

Lecture 4: Realising ones purpose

Workshop: Art of Marriage (Role play)

By Umm Talha

Speaker Bio

  1. Umm Raiyaan

Founder of registered charity Solace UK for revert sisters in difficulty and Sisters Achieve – NLP Trainer and Practitioner.

  1. Naima B Robert

Author of ‘From my sisters’ lips’ and founder of SISTERS Magazine.

  1. Alima Ashfaq

Du’as of the Superstars and Falling in Love, and founder and director of I am Alima.

  1. Umm Talha

Teacher of Tajweed and Islamic studies for over ten years and plays a leading role in bringing families together. Currently managing Marital Arts (

The purpose of the organisation is to celebrate & support marriage & marital life which will enhance family life for Muslim community.

To book tickets visit: Eventbrite: Inspire Me, Inspire Change.


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