Roles & Responsibilities of a 21st Century Alimah

Today, Imams Online launched its ‘Fair Wage Campaign‘ bringing much needed attention to the way in which 21st Century Imam roles and responsibilities have ¬†changed and how their salaries should be reflective of this.

From the campaign, what we have seen is that Imams as a profession are amongst the most poorly paid in the UK, earning significantly less than their Jewish and Christian counterparts. Given that their roles have evolved far beyond simply leading prayers in the Mosque, it is crucial that Mosques and Islamic Centres, as the main employers of Imams, afford them their rights and pay them an acceptable living wage.

Within this context, there is also a serious conversation that needs to be had around the role of the Alimah in Muslim institutions. Traditionally, the role of the Alimah has never been one of formal employment within Mosques and Islamic Centres, but given the growth of the Muslim population here in the UK and the increasing number of Muslim women and girls pursuing formal religious education coupled with the increasing social pressures and socially ‘taboo’ issues affecting young Muslim girls, the role of the Alimah has become crucial and one that needs to be formally recognised and rewarded.

The above infographic, designed and produced by Alimahs Online, highlights the roles and responsibilities of 21st Century Alimahs which incorporates a range of civic and pastoral responsibilities in addition to their role as religious educators.

Alimahs Online is advocating that the role of the Alimah should be formally recognised in Islamic institutions with a full time, paid posts made available within Mosques and Islamic Centres that provide an avenue for religious and pastoral engagement for female congregants. The employment of an Alimah in Islamic institutions will also encourage and instill confidence into prospective female students of knowledge to pursue it as a viable career.

For more information, enquiries or to organise Alimah focussed events in your institutions, fill out the contact form below. 

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